Lite Side: The Life of a Mental Health Worker

I am not sure how many of you work in the mental health field but it can be an interesting world. We see many things and hear almost everything because of the diversity of people and their lives. The wealthy have as many problems as the poor. The good looking well-put-together guy can be as … Continue reading Lite Side: The Life of a Mental Health Worker

Before You Feel Pressure

People spend their lives comparing themselves to others. Why am I not married yet like my friends? Why can't I get pregnant easily like my sister? Why am I not as successful or thin or this or that. The list can go on. There is nothing wrong with setting goals for your lives but the problem is many … Continue reading Before You Feel Pressure

Blogging- Stay or Go

Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places and today while scrolling through my Facebook feed I ran into such a unicorn. I subscribe to a "sewist" Mimi G. who posted an inspirational bit that was well needed for me. See below: When I started sewing, I SUCKED. Hand to God I sucked bad. I could never wear anything … Continue reading Blogging- Stay or Go