The Sharp Tongue and the Right Tongue

You have met or know one or two people in your lives who believe their views of you are the best. They make no hesitation to say it in a harsh way. I use the word believe because another person's view of you may be a projection of his/her own circumstances versus the whole truth. … Continue reading The Sharp Tongue and the Right Tongue

Dealing with the Downs of Singlehood

If your first guesses that the worst downside of being single is missing sex or not having someone to talk to, then you would be wrong - at least for me. I am on a journey that has intensified in the recent COVID years. While I continued to work during the shutdown, my coworkers and … Continue reading Dealing with the Downs of Singlehood

The Human Irony

Humans brag and boast about our accomplishments. We are the smartest things on planet earth. We pat our backs for the modern marvels we create and stop short of calling ourselves gods. Yet, we are the most destructive and dangerous species to everything we touch including ourselves. In the pursuit of greatness, we overlook our … Continue reading The Human Irony

Dear Married People

While the US is trying to have a race conversation, single people have been trying to have a relationship status conversation with married people. Are you single for a minute? then out trot your married friends and family who have suddenly become obsessed with your single status. They have intrusively made it their business to … Continue reading Dear Married People

Blacks Can’t Be Racist

Blacks Can't be Racist. This statement is cemented in the majority black community as a fact. People throw it around like they are ordering a Big Mac from McDonalds. Every other race can be racist but not American Blacks. Alternative facts can spread faster than a spark in a drought ridden forest - thank you … Continue reading Blacks Can’t Be Racist

Fear Mortality

The concept of death is closer to my mind since I took over the care of my parents. It’s not just about them but also about me. Most of us healthy individuals live life without thoughts of death. In our avoidance and arrogance, we assume that long life is promised. We are shocked beyond belief … Continue reading Fear Mortality

The Elderly Sex Life

Delving into the sex life of the elderly was never intentional; however, a recent discovery made me wonder about the subject and evaluate my own hypocritical bias. I am aware that when we think of sex, we think of young agile bodies getting it on. We think of various interesting positions, the stamina of a … Continue reading The Elderly Sex Life

Struggles & Lessons

As 2020 draws to a close, many can say it has been a struggling year. The coronavirus effects were not very significant for me. I thank God that I did not lose anyone due to the virus or by other means. I am thankful that I still have my job to pay the bills. I … Continue reading Struggles & Lessons

Beauty In Whose Eyes

THE BIRTH OF INSECURITIES A young lady disclosed that her mother had a mastectomy and her father left her mother because he could not stand to look at the changes in her body A young lady disclosed that growing up she was teased by everyone to include her family about everything - lips, hair, body … Continue reading Beauty In Whose Eyes


VETERANS DAY Today is a holiday for some but an awareness day for all - Veterans Day. There are three days devoted to the military: Memorial Day - this day is designated for the service members who died.Veterans Day - this day is designated for those who have served, met the criteria and earned the … Continue reading 11.11