Confession of An Older Single Woman

  Being an older woman and single is not an easy feat. You have to suffer through "do you have a man yet?" by every one and their mother every time they see you. Everyone is "praying for you" because your love life is not swinging. Of course, people want to set you up because they believe your life … Continue reading Confession of An Older Single Woman


Keeping It Real: Feeling Used

Do you ever feel used by the people or a person you trust? It is an uneasy feeling when you are not sure what to believe. The more connected you are with someone, the harder it is to tell when the person is not out for your best interest. The manipulation is subtle. It is not … Continue reading Keeping It Real: Feeling Used

The highlight of my work day

A Woman with confidence is a beautiful thing.

Writing with an Open heart

Today, a customer walked into my photography studio for a passport photo. Seconds before she sat down on the chair she looked into the mirror and asked me something I get asked million times a day, “Do I look okay?”

Before I got the chance to answer she interrupted, “You know what!! I look great. I’m beautiful… I have jars of self-confidence and self-esteem. I packed millions of them!”

“Yes, you certainly do!!” I beamed as I took the photo. I chatted a little with her and her daughter while the photos were being developed. Before she walked out she smiled at me and said, “I could even give you some jars and you could forward them to your loved ones.”

I love her attitude and wanted to share it with all of you today in case you need jars of self-confidence and self-esteem. ♥

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It Is Time To Give Up On Finding ‘True Love’

Marriage #??? A gentleman sat in front of me and as we talked, I inquired about his 5th marriage. Yes, 5th! I was expecting him to say, I finally found the one after all the other failures but he flipped the script. Instead, he said they had been separated and are in the process of a … Continue reading It Is Time To Give Up On Finding ‘True Love’

Multiple Choice Dating

You have gone out on few dates with someone and you think things are going pretty well. You are not expecting long term commitment, marriage and children but in your mind, you believe that this person has the potential to go the distance. You look forward to seeing and talking to the person. There is excitement and interest - … Continue reading Multiple Choice Dating

The Piña Colada Song and Creating Relationship Escapes

'If you like Piña Colada and getting caught in the rain...' Escape - by Rupert Holmes has been dubbed the Piña Colada song. It's a very catchy tune and great for dueling piano bar sing along. Recently, I was listening to the words more closely and it occurred to me that in this catchy tune, … Continue reading The Piña Colada Song and Creating Relationship Escapes

God’s Grace

The story has been drilled into every Christian's religious lesson about God's grace. He came, He saw, He forgave, He died and He rose. We are all saved by His grace and mercy. 'We are saved by grace' is such a beautiful concept to read, hear and sing about but it can be a difficult concept to accept. … Continue reading God’s Grace

An Advocate for Divorce

Growing up, divorce was not a word in which I was familiar except on daytime TV. I grew up with intact unions and regular family drama from a kid's point of view. Of course, as a child, I saw married people and families together but whether their relationships were good is another story that came to … Continue reading An Advocate for Divorce

Religious Guilt For Skipping Church

Which view works for you? Last winter, I was invited to a coworker's church. She talked it up pretty well 'small, more person centered' etc. I hibernate during the winter so, I do not volunteer to go anywhere if it's an option. However, I promised that when the weather gets better, I would make an appearance. Now … Continue reading Religious Guilt For Skipping Church

How Do You Know If It Is Love

You meet someone and you spent time together. After repeated interactions, you find yourself having feelings. You find that you have a connection which is different from with other people. You find yourself smiling more, feeling more emotionally hurt when certain things are done and said from that person, and you find yourself being more invested in his/her wellbeing. … Continue reading How Do You Know If It Is Love