Struggles & Lessons

As 2020 draws to a close, many can say it has been a struggling year. The coronavirus effects were not very significant for me. I thank God that I did not lose anyone due to the virus or by other means. I am thankful that I still have my job to pay the bills. I … Continue reading Struggles & Lessons

Beauty In Whose Eyes

THE BIRTH OF INSECURITIES A young lady disclosed that her mother had a mastectomy and her father left her mother because he could not stand to look at the changes in her body A young lady disclosed that growing up she was teased by everyone to include her family about everything - lips, hair, body … Continue reading Beauty In Whose Eyes


VETERANS DAY Today is a holiday for some but an awareness day for all - Veterans Day. There are three days devoted to the military: Memorial Day - this day is designated for the service members who died.Veterans Day - this day is designated for those who have served, met the criteria and earned the … Continue reading 11.11

When Kids Are The Sexual Perpetrators

A person's childhood history is just as important as his/her adult present. It is typical for an adult to state "my past has nothing to do with me now." An adult's life is a series of events that started in the womb and more significantly at birth and continues to the here and now. For … Continue reading When Kids Are The Sexual Perpetrators

Trying To Find Your Older Single Sexy

I was asked a question "Who do women dress for? Is it for themselves, other women or for men. The feminist in me want to say for myself but the realist says I dress for a mixture of self and men. I am not the type of woman who compete with other women in the … Continue reading Trying To Find Your Older Single Sexy

Coward Adulting

The mind of a child is a thing of wonder. Children embody freedom of spirit and creative imagination which usually make childhood a great experience. Children have no malice or prejudice. Without adult influence, they venture into their world with bravery with the intent to discover and enjoy. This is all before adults beliefs and … Continue reading Coward Adulting

Her Fear Pushes My Faith

As I hear a once strong woman now struggle with the possibility of death, I am moved to do something outside my reach - have more faith. My heart breaks for my mother as she tries to manage her failing health and reconcile her faith with her reality. This is the woman who was the … Continue reading Her Fear Pushes My Faith


I am sitting here covered with a blanket because I feel cold after turning on my AC for 10 minutes at 70 degrees. It's 93 degrees outside but it feels like 97 which is just a smidgen hot for me. Anyone who knows me has never heard me say I am too hot. I am … Continue reading Randomness