The Side Chick- An Unpopular Conversation

Many of the patriarchs of the Bible had side chicks  but that practice was legitimize by calling it multiple wives and concubines. Solomon was wise in almost everything except when it comes to the number of women associated with him. 1000 wives and concubines are a bit much for any man. In the Westernize society, except for a … Continue reading The Side Chick- An Unpopular Conversation


Sabbath – Day of Rest

The Sabbath is a part of the commandments; however, very few people choose to take a day of rest. People find it acceptable to work themselves into the ground but struggle to take a moment to breathe. The benefit of a rest day is to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. It can be a … Continue reading Sabbath – Day of Rest

Man to the Rescue

Ladies, if you have been single for awhile, most of you know that your friends and family try to set you up with everyone but the homeless guy...uummm... well,  does the homeless guy look good? Then he can be a fixer-upper. Everyone has potential. I can have a sense of humor about it but every now and … Continue reading Man to the Rescue

Who Is Worth Your Time?

As someone who likes being alone more often than I like being with people, this resonates with me in a number of ways. Relationships are meant to expand your comfort zone versus putting  you in a war or perpetual uncomfortable zone Too many people have not found their comfort zone as a single but expect that … Continue reading Who Is Worth Your Time?

PTSD-Military Nightmare

Today is Veterans Day - a day set aside to honor the men and women who served in the US Armed Forces. While you take the time to say 'thank you,' I would like to use this as an awareness of the plight of some of the men and women who are serving and have served. … Continue reading PTSD-Military Nightmare

Blogging- Stay or Go

Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places and today while scrolling through my Facebook feed I ran into such a unicorn. I subscribe to a "sewist" Mimi G. who posted an inspirational bit that was well needed for me. See below: When I started sewing, I SUCKED. Hand to God I sucked bad. I could never wear anything … Continue reading Blogging- Stay or Go

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

There is yet again another mass shooting. This will be the second one in a house of God. As people search to find answers as to what is going on and why the US has become a place for mass mourning, Christians are to take refuge in God's words. We are only here but for a short time. … Continue reading Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Some Men Still Got It

A conversation with a new friend turned to my singleness and what I am looking for in a man. She gave a scenario, to deduce if I was being difficult and therefore the reason for my singledom, if you were in a grocery store and a nice guy approached you what would you say? My … Continue reading Some Men Still Got It

Where is the Baby? Infertility Shame As soon as a couple is thinking about marriage, most people want to know when is the wedding and how soon are the babies going to be dropped off by a stork. It's expected that soon after the honeymoon (if not on the honeymoon) they should be planning a gender reveal party-apparently this is the thing … Continue reading Where is the Baby? Infertility Shame

Love In Totality

Romantic love was created to be given and experienced in its totality and you should want it all. You should want the love that passes all the boundaries; love with intimacy and passion; trust and comfort; smiles and support; communication and understanding. You should want it all because anything less is just settling for a time filler. … Continue reading Love In Totality