Attitude Is Everything Some people will look at this little girl and see a child who needs to tone it down and get in line Some people will look at this video and see a child who is giving her heart and soul into the dance routine that she worked hard to memorize and perform in front … Continue reading Attitude Is Everything


My Rant: Happy Single Naysayers

Why is it that people have such a difficult time with allowing singles to choose to be single or enjoy their singleness if they have not found the right person as yet or is not looking for that 'special someone'? Why do people believe single and happy is an oxymoron? Are married people always happy? Is every single … Continue reading My Rant: Happy Single Naysayers

I Love Singlehood

Here is the real deal. I am single and I love it most of the time. Here is another real deal I would love the right male company every so often but I still love singlehood and I was never ashamed of it. I want the best of both the single world and the relationship world … Continue reading I Love Singlehood

Blowing Through STOP Signs

Yesterday was a long-time friend's birthday. I sent a text saying happy birthday with no response which was unusual. History: We met right before I left the military many moons ago and we kept in contact every few months over the years. Knowing Someone I would say I have a pretty good idea about my friend's personality. He … Continue reading Blowing Through STOP Signs

We All Have Issues

Today I was having a conversation with a therapist and we were discussing the resistant patients. These are people who find themselves in therapy but are not ready to be there.  Therapy definitely gets a bad-rap but when you are ready and find the right provider, it can make a significant difference. We all have issues; however, some people … Continue reading We All Have Issues

Jesus Opted Out of Having Kids

As shocking as this might be, there are people who do not want  kids, don't like kids, do not have the time for kids or a combination. However, that does not stop people from passing judgement or feeling sorry for the childfree. The prevailing argument for people women who do not have children is: Who is … Continue reading Jesus Opted Out of Having Kids

Lite Side: The Life of a Mental Health Worker

I am not sure how many of you work in the mental health field but it can be an interesting world. We see many things and hear almost everything because of the diversity of people and their lives. The wealthy have as many problems as the poor. The good looking well-put-together guy can be as … Continue reading Lite Side: The Life of a Mental Health Worker

Before You Feel Pressure

People spend their lives comparing themselves to others. Why am I not married yet like my friends? Why can't I get pregnant easily like my sister? Why am I not as successful or thin or this or that. The list can go on. There is nothing wrong with setting goals for your lives but the problem is many … Continue reading Before You Feel Pressure

Light Hearted

Every now and then I can lighten up. It is required for my mental health and your reading pleasure. Women and the pains of beauty So, I am a 1/2inch heels or sandals wearing kind of a girl woman. My occasional ladies night out usually brings out the dress-I-bought-a-year (or 2)-ago-in-case-I-might-wear-it-somewhere. As always, women like to dress to the … Continue reading Light Hearted