Social But Not Social

A twitter user named @brokeymcpoverty asked her audience "I'm curious. if you're comfortable doing so, post a picture of you that you shared on social media where you were actually having a really tough time in life even tho you look perfectly fine in the picture." Her followers were honest and they posted their pictures … Continue reading Social But Not Social

Hate And Inequality Are Here To Stay

Photo by Kelly Lacy on Universal peace and love are improbable I remember in the 80s when the song We are the World came out. The video showed a wonderful ensemble of people who wanted to hold hands across the globe and make peace universal. I loved the concept but it did not change … Continue reading Hate And Inequality Are Here To Stay

Who Is Your Brother’s Keeper?

Do you recall in the Bible when it talks about each person is his/her brother's (sister's) keeper? This was highlighted in the best-friend/brothers from another mother story of David and Jonathon. Recap The David and Jonathon bromance. At the time, Jonathon's father Saul was the King. Saul started going crazy and threatened David (who God … Continue reading Who Is Your Brother’s Keeper?

Who Advocates For You

When you are young, healthy and have no stress in the world, you rarely think about having to fight for yourself. As I become accustomed to my role as my parents' medical mouthpiece, I am starting to understand the importance of speaking up and asking questions. I also understand the importance of a good provider … Continue reading Who Advocates For You

The Perks Of Being A Bully

Think carefully and name one person who you would describe as a bully. These days it's PC to be on the stop bullying campaign but to be honest, it's not doing much to change people's behaviors. Why? Because being a bully comes with lots of perks:They get respect (more like feared) They get more likes … Continue reading The Perks Of Being A Bully

Are There Any Good Partners Left?

Are there any good men left? That question was posed to me by someone who was looking for companionship but has entangled herself into some unsavory situations. A few days before that, a man was in distress after finding out that his spouse was cheating with a married man for over a year. Yet, she … Continue reading Are There Any Good Partners Left?


The Janet Jackson song comes to mind 🎢🎀 Control. It's okay if you want to Youtube the song for nostalgia sake. So, a few things inspired this rambling. While I was on vacation, we had taken a water taxi to do a short excursion and on the way back, we saw police tapes. As the … Continue reading Control

The Caregiver Struggle

In the pursuit to do the sensible thing, I have bitten off a lot more than I expected. In the journey to assist my aging parents, I quickly realized that I am no longer the assistant but the sole caregiver of their every simple to important needs. Before my parents accepted my offer to move … Continue reading The Caregiver Struggle

Fear of Vulnerable Emotions

In my boredom and limited cable option, I started watching a Lifetime-esq love story. You know the type: Boy and girl have baggage, they meet, have chemistry, really like each other, girl keeps hiding and running away, boy keeps chasing and chasing until she finally gives in, they get married and the whole town comes … Continue reading Fear of Vulnerable Emotions

Stress Management Failure

Grumpy Cat You would think that as someone who teaches stress management, I would have a better handle on managing my own stress. Nope! It takes me a while to get my hot tempered easily triggered moody Gemini emotions under control. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Today for instance was Grumpy Cat Monday for me (this is my usual). … Continue reading Stress Management Failure